Since mid-2024, FlyHoliday has moved its hub from Luxembourg (ELLX) to Amsterdam (EHAM). The background to this is that FlyHoliday is realigning itself locally in order to have an attractive location for long-haul destinations. FlyHoliday Airlines is also moving into the country of its design developer, Rick van Dijck of rAirDesigns.
In addition to the redesign of a logo, the design of the fictitious tour operator „FHTours“ took place for which FlyHoliday will operate in the future and whose logo adorns the paintwork of FlyHoliday.
In mid-December 2022, the virtual airline FlyHoliday was re-branded after prohibited the use of the logos.
Immediately an attempt was made to bring the virtual airline FlyHoliday into official cooperation with and Euvia Travel GmbH and to return to the original branding. After initially positive discussions with the responsible parties, a cancellation was surprisingly made at the beginning of December 2022, much to everyone’s frustration.
At the end of November, the founder and CEO abruptly withdrew and was henceforth unavailable. A few weeks later, FlyHoliday became part of the NordFly family and has since operated as an independent virtual vacation sister airline.
The first re-branding of the airline took place at the beginning of November, after several notices to the CEO at the time that the brand was protected.
On August 31, the virtual airline FlyHoliday-Airlines was founded in Paderborn, Germany. The appearance concept of the airline was based on the branding of The airline operates charter and vacation flights within Europe, flying mainly to destinations in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and the Middle East.